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Webinar May 12: New Report Shows Rural Communities Across Canada Facing Challenges

Research | Posted: May 11, 2015

Join us on Tuesday, May 12 at 2:30 pm NL time (2:00 pm in parts of Labrador) for an overview of the findings from Fewer & Older: Population and Demographic Challenges Across Rural Canada. This report identifies significant issues in rural communities across the country, including aging populations and youth migration.

New approach needed for NL public policy & governance

Research | Posted: October 31, 2014

There is a need for rethinking how public policy and governance happens in this province, suggests a new report by Dr. Russell Williams, associate professor of political science, and Lucy MacDonald, Master of Arts candidate in political science, at Memorial University.

Assessment Matters! CMEC series on policy-oriented research

Research | Posted: July 31, 2013

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) has just launched Assessment Matters!, a new series of policy-oriented research notes designed to explore educational issues in Canada and Canadian jurisdictions. The notes are based on the results of international and national assessment programs, including the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP), the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), and the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).

Collaboration Key to Resiliency

Research | Posted: August 28, 2012

This case study, and lessons learned from the formation of a non-profit British Columbia Co-op, will be of interest to other organizations that are looking for ways to collaborate, and to funders who want to encourage funded agencies to work together more effectively.

Focus on Research: Webinars in the Social Economy

Research | Posted: January 18, 2012

Many community sector groups use webinars for distance learning and collaboration. Many more would love to, but aren't sure how to get started. This report pulls together the results of the Community Sector Council's study of webinar users and a survey of best practices to let you know just how to use these useful tools. Read the report HERE (pdf), or read the summary of pointers HERE (pdf).

Broadening the Base for Strategic Workforce Planning: The Value of Cross-Functional Partnerships

Research | Posted: September 7, 2011

What differentiates leaders who’ve made steady headway with their SWP programs? Often, it’s their ability to partner with other functions and, by doing so, to broaden the base of support for SWP.

Webcast: New financial literacy research of Canadians by ABC Life Literacy Canada

Research | Posted: September 7, 2011

This video, about 35 minutes long, was recorded during a webcast announcing the findings of a survey on the financial literacy of Canadians, undertaken by the Ipsos Reid market research firm on behalf of ABC Life Literacy Canada.

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